Fun flip-flop factory footage – pun intended!

So today I thought I would bring an educational undertone into the blog and share this video from the Havaiana factory in Brazil. I have rather a few shades of Havaiana’s and they are soooo comfortable and just feel so different to any other flip-flop. I am delighted to find that they have over 100 colours available and that they recycle the cut outs.

I have fun memories of being in a flip-flop shop in Playa del Carmen with my best friend as we tried on almost all the colours and designs in the shop before settling for a few classic shades each. I think the lady in the shop was very tired of us in the end! Great memories though and still have the flip flops now, almost 4 years on!

Do you have a favourite flip-flop shop or flip-flop buying moment? Share it here and in the meantime, enjoy the video!