Searching for funny flip flop footage

While searching for funny flip floppin’ content for this blog it has become very apparent to me that something as seemingly innocent as flip flops also has a very dark side. There are foot fetish people out there who have a peculiar love (in the strongest sense of the word) for feet in flip flops. Without the need for sharing any footage (love that pun!) with you, you can imagine the kinds of curious things that turn people on these days! Someone has videoed feet in flip flops on a bus and someone else has filmed feet in flip flops crushing fruit, just to name a few. The comments on the videos are the giveaways that these are not innocent observations of aesthetics!

Fetishes aside, I have never understood the idea of filming something that has no motion.

In any case, next time you are on a bus with your feet in flip flops, take a subtle look around you, you never know who might be filming those flip flop clad beauties!


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